Imvusa Timberworks is a Cape Town based business that strives to provide quality, affordable and professional services to our clients. Imvusa Timberworks started out as a home business operating out of a garage and has grown into one of the market leaders in its industry. We offer a wide range of products ranging from tool sheds to affordable Nu-Tec Wendy Houses.

We are an organisation with expertise in low cost housing and home improvement. We specialise in Nu-Tec Wendy houses, Wendy Houses, Vibracrete Houses, Vibracrete walls and Carports. Prices for these home improvements can often be outrageous but here at Imvusa Timberworks we offer you the most reasonable prices for your low cost housing needs. Our Nu-Tec Wendy Houses are available in different sizes to suit every clients need, both of these types of houses are perfectly suited to function as accommodation or office facilities, they are also ideal for storage units.

Carports prices for every budget;

Installing a carport is often necessary to keep your cars protected and sheltered from Cape Town’s unpredictable weather. Our carport prices are buyer friendly and reasonable enough to suit almost anyone’s budget. Imvusa Timberworks has made it affordable to clients to purchase that much needed home improvement product. Imvusa Timberworks belief there is no place like home and we have made it more affordable through our affordable housing options.

Great offers in Cape Town;

If you are searching for low cost Wendy Houses, Nu-Tec Houses in Cape Town then you have found the right place! At Imvusa Timberworks we help the community to obtain affordable housing by providing financial solutions from 6-60 months with low instalments.